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Border Collie puppy finder

About Border Collies

Border Collies were originally bred in the border region between England and Scotland, used by farmers for herding sheep and famed for their intelligence and hard-working nature. Nowadays, they're beloved by many families and renowned for their loyalty and friendly personalities.

Affectionate 9/10
Intelligence 9/10
Endurance 10/10
Fun-Loving 9/10
Exercise Needs 9/10
Obedience 9/10
Adaptability 5/10
Activity Level 9/10
Border Collie puppy finder

Fantastically Friendly

Border Collies are some of the friendliest dogs around. They absolutely love people and are loyal friends, especially for those who have active lifestyles.

Absolutely Adorable

The Border Collie’s beautiful black and white appearance and affectionate nature make it an adorable member of any family.

Athletic and Hardworking

Border Collies are some of the most energetic and hard-working dogs in existence, ready to accompany you on all your adventures.

Incredibly Intelligent

The Border Collie is known as one of the smartest dogs on the planet. It's no surprise that they often win the top prizes at dog shows.

Tons of Energy

Border Collies have lots of energy and love to walk, jog, or even run alongside you while out on your bike. They're ideal partners for active people.

Easy to Train

Thanks to their intelligence and desire to please, Border Collies are super easy to train, learning obedience and tricks with ease.

Vetted Border Collie Breeders

If you're looking to bring a Border Collie into your life, we're here to help! At California Puppies, we take the time to evaluate countless breeders and businesses, cutting out the puppy mills and only approving the most ethical, dog-loving, professional breeders to supply pups to our users.

Border Collie puppies

Sara S.

With years of breeding experience, Sara has been a standout member of the Uptown Family.

Location: Texas

Breeds: Border Collie

Availability: N/A

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Border Collie puppies for sale


PuppySpot is a network of highly vetted breeders. Only 10% of breeders who apply get accepted.

Location: National

Breeds: Border Collie

Sizes: Wide range

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Border Collie puppies for sale

Katie M.

Katie’s breeding skills are only matched by her dedication to matching her pups with amazing families.

Location: Southern California

Breeds: Border Collie

Availability: N/A

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Border Collies

Smith Family

The Smith's were always crazy about dogs, and decided to share the joy with the world.

Location: Idaho

Breeds: Border Collie

Availability: N/A

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uptown puppies Border Collie breeder

Stephanie S.

Stephanie’s extensive breeding experience and elite pedigree makes her puppies highly sought after.

Location: Florida

Breeds: Border Collie

Availability: N/A

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Border Collie breeder

Mary A.

To a dog lover like Mary, nothing makes her smile more than uniting another fluffy bundle of joy.

Location: New York

Breeds: Border Collie

Availability: N/A

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Border Collie breeder

Bethany P.

Bethany knows a thing or two about doggytelligence and breeds some of the best pooches on the planet.

Location: South Carolina

Breeds: Border Collie

Availability: N/A

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More Info About Border Collie Puppies

Got some questions about Border Collie puppies for sale California or California Border Collie breeders? We’ve got answers!

Are Border Collies smart?

Absolutely! One of the first things to know about Border Collie puppies California is that these are some of the smartest dogs around. In fact, if we go all the way back to the origins of the breed, we can see that Border Collies were originally prized by farmers in England and Scotland for their extraordinary intelligence and hard-working nature. It's not uncommon to see a Border Collie California learning new tricks in a matter of minutes and being trained up to enter agility and obedience trials.

How much are Border Collie puppies for sale in California?

The price of a Border Collie for sale California really depends on a range of different factors, including the coat colors, eye colors, sizes, and more. Blue merle Border Collie puppies, for example, which have a very distinctive coat color, tend to be more expensive than others as they're more desirable in the eyes of many buyers. Fortunately, at California Puppies, we provide a range of pups from trusted Border Collie breeders Southern California and Border Collie breeders Northern California too.

What if there are no Border Collie puppies in California available now?

Looking for Border Collie puppies Southern California and struggling to find the right dog for you? No worries! At California Puppies, we've got a large network of partner breeders and vetted businesses operating all over the US, and they'll be more than happy to arrange transport for your pup to a major airport near you.

How do you screen Border Collie breeders?

There are many different breeders and businesses out there offering Border Collie puppies Northern California, but they can differ greatly in terms of their ethics, animal welfare standards, experience, and professionalism. We only want to work with the best, so when a Border Collie breeder California applies to join our network, we put them to the test. We have one of the toughest screening processes around, and only the top 10% of applicants make it through. Check out our Breeder Pledge for more details.

Why is California Puppies different?

If you go to Google and type in something like 'red Border Collie puppies for sale in California', you'll get a lot of results, and there are many sites out there claiming to help users find Border Collie puppies Northern California. Unfortunately, a lot of them supply pups from backyard breeders and puppy mills. We're different. We never work with unethical breeders or scammers, so you never have to worry about a thing when finding your perfect pup with California Puppies.

What’s this about puppy mills?

Whether you're looking for a Border Collie Northern California or Border Collie Southern California, you need to be aware of the existence of puppy mills. A lot of cheap pups come from these places, where dogs are bred purely for profit and rarely given any kind of proper veterinary care or treatment, leading to high risks of health issues and shorter lifespans too. You won't find any pups from puppy mills on California Puppies.

What if I’m looking for a specific kind of Border Collie?

If you're looking for something specific like Border Collie Lab mix puppies for sale California or Border Collie Papillon mix breeder California, you're in the right place. No matter where you are or what kind of dog you want, our vast network of vetted, trusted breeders and businesses are here to help, offering a varied selection of dogs to suit all needs and desires. Take a look at our currently available pups right now to learn more.

What kind of dog is a Border Collie?

Before you could find any Border Collie for sale in California, these dogs were originally bred in the hilly region around the border between Scotland and England. Well-suited for the tough terrain in that part of the world, they were popular with farmers for their hard-working nature and intelligence, qualities that they still have in the modern era. As well as being super smart, these dogs are highly energetic, affectionate, and love to spend time with people.

How does California Puppies work?

California Pups aims to make the whole process of finding a Border Collie puppy California as simple and seamless as possible. To start, browse through our selection of pups from trusted breeders and companies around the US and find one that sounds right for you. Chat to the breeder and ask any questions if you have them, and then if you're ready to proceed with the adoption, make arrangements to collect the pup in person or have it shipped to a nearby airport.

What are some of the common Border Collie health problems?

If you're considering bringing a Border Collie into your life, you need to be aware of the common health issues encountered by this bread. Border Collies have a tendency to suffer from retinal atrophy as they get older, as well as other common canine health complaints like lens luxation and osteochondritis. There's also a condition called Collie eye anomaly that can lead to blindness in these dogs. Your Border Collie pup will have a much better chance of being healthy and happy if you buy from a trusted breeder, rather than a puppy mill.

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