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Havanese Puppies for Sale in California

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Havanese Puppies for Sale by California Puppies

About Havanese

The Havanese are Cuban cuties that were originally bred for Cuban aristocracy during the 1800s. Both Queen Victoria and Charles Dickens owned Havanese! They have gorgeous silky coats, love people, and are happy by nature. You’ll just love yours!

Apartment Friendly 8/10
Overall Friendliness 9/10
Trainability 8/10
Shedding Level 3/10
Good for Beginners 9/10
Kid-Friendly 8/10
Adaptability 9/10

Great for Small Homes

Being a companion breed, Havanese don’t need a lot of exercise, making them great for small homes.

Absolutely Adorable

Havanese are seriously silky and serene, making them absolutely adorable pets to have. They make the best cuddle partners ever!


Havanese just adore playtime - they’re actually one of the most playful breeds you will find! Want some fun in your life? Get a Havanese pup!

Great for Kids

Havanese are lovely, friendly pets, and they just adore people. For this reason, they make great companions and playmates for children!

Ready for Adventure

Havanese are companion dogs, meaning they will stick by your side and go wherever you go - from the park bench and beach, to the sofa!

Loving and Loyal

Havanese actually have a really cute nickname - “velcro dogs”, because they’re always stuck right beside their owners’ sides.

havanese puppies for sale

Our 3 Part Mission

Between you, your puppy and your dog breeder, happiness is our foundation. California Puppies does things differently.


Connect ethical, responsible breeders with ethical, responsible families. We take the headache and doubt out of finding and adopting the perfect pooch.


Educate and help families on puppy health and happiness, from puppy to senior, by curating only the best services, products and learning resources.


Accelerate the closure of puppy mills by empowering ethical breeders and exposing inhumane breeders. Let’s be part of the solution—together.

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5 Star Breeders

We only work with Havanese breeders who pass our 47 breeder standards. Here are a few of them...

Uptown Puppies Havanese Breeder
Havanese Puppies for Sale

Vintage Pups

5 Star Breeder

Uptown Puppies Havanese Breeder
Havanese Puppies for Sale

Puppy Place

5 Star Breeder

Uptown Puppies Havanese Breeder
Havanese Puppies for Sale


5 Star Breeder

Uptown Puppies Havanese Breeder
Havanese Puppies for Sale

Ralphs Puppies

5 Star Breeder

Uptown Puppies Havanese Breeder
Havanese Puppies for Sale


5 Star Breeder

Uptown Puppies Havanese Breeder
Havanese Puppies for Sale


5 Star Breeder

Uptown Puppies Havanese Breeder
Havanese Puppies for Sale

Top Line Pups

5 Star Breeder

Uptown Puppies Havanese Breeder
Havanese Puppies for Sale

Prestigious Pups

5 Star Breeder

About California Puppies Approved Breeders

No scams. No mills. No backyard breeders. We vet all breeders and partners based on our strict Breeder Standards. When you find a California Puppy, you don’t just get a pet—you get peace of mind knowing your new pal comes from an ethical, experienced breeder who cares for dogs just as much as your family does.

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Questions & Answers

Questions about Havanese puppies for sale in California? We have answers.

How much is the average Havanese?

Havanese puppies Southern California, like all breeds, come in a range of different prices. Puppy prices are affected by numerous factors, including coat color and pattern, size, the Havanese breeders in Southern California experience, as well as location, puppy pedigree and more. What matters is that there will be a Havanese puppy you can afford!

Are Havanese good for apartments?

Absolutely! Havanese puppies California are bred to be companions to us humans. Breeds bred for companionship normally require less exercise than working breeds, and daily walks will keep this adorable breed satisfied. Havanese are the perfect pet for apartment living and small homes. They will just love them!

Will I only be connected with local Havanese breeders?

With California Puppies, you get the opportunity to connect with Havanese breeders California, as well as breeders, businesses and companies from all over the United States. These breeders and businesses are total professionals when it comes to making travel arrangements for their well-bred pups, even if they have to deliver them to your doorstep!

How do you screen Havanese breeders in California?

Havanese breeders Northern California and Havanese breeders Southern California, as well as businesses and companies, are screened very carefully by California Puppies. We look at legal compliance, facility cleanliness, ethics, and breeder training and experience. If you want more information, just take a look at the Breeder Pledge!

Why is California Puppies different from other places?

When you take a look at search engines, when searching for Havanese puppies for sale California, most will list the top ones based on marketing. California Puppies is different - we only list the absolute best of the best breeders, companies and businesses that sell Havanese puppies Northern California. There’s no involvement with scammers with Cali Puppies!

What is a Havanese puppy mill?

California Havanese breeders, businesses and companies often run puppy mills in order to make a living - and usually the puppies sold here come dirt cheap. These puppies are usually treated very badly, and are never really bred properly. This can lead to a multiple number of health complications down the line!

Are there any Havanese puppies in California right now?

There are Havanese puppies for sale Southern California and Havanese puppies for sale Northern California. With California Puppies, you will see that there’s such a wide network of breeders, businesses and companies available to you, that finding your perfect puppy is a cinch! Just start your journey, and your newest companion will soon be in your arms!

What kind of dogs are Havanese?

Havanese puppies for sale in Southern California are the national dog breed of Cuba. Havanese are descendants from dogs that were bred for the aristocracy in Cuba to be fluffy, and oh-so-loyal companions. They’re energetic, happy dogs, are exceptionally loyal, simply adorable, and make the best of pets!

Are Havanese easy to train?

California Havanese puppies are clever little animals, and quite easy to train. However, you do need to be firm when training him/her. Havanese are also cooperative, but aren’t the easiest to housetrain. For this reason you may want to crate train your Havanese puppy during its “potty training” phase, to prevent accidents.

What are some of the common Havanese health problems?

Havanese puppies California Northern, like most breeds, have a number of health problems. Over the span of their lives, they may get Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease, which affects the hips, patellar luxation, which affects the knees, cataracts, congenital deafness, hypothyroidism, as well as heart problems.

Havanese Puppies for Sale by California Puppies

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